How to make money with Licensing and Claiming!

LICENSING AND CLAIMING   As you’ve been growing your account into a viral powerhouse, you’ve probably received offers at various points from people requesting to use your content. Today we are going to help break down the basics of licensing and content claiming and how it can help you and your social media brand.   […]

12 Months of Animal Talent Holidays

12 Months of Pet Holidays To Help You Plan and Create Content! Pets on Q is a leading digital media company specializing in animal influencer marketing that creates engaging content and celebrates pets, pet influencers, their owners, and the brands that want to connect with them. Our pack advisors have curated a list of all […]

Valuing Pet Influencers Vs. Human Influencers

Here’s How to Choose and Accurately Price an Influencer If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us. Influencer marketing – specifically pet influencer marketing – is making big waves in marketing. It’s been estimated by MediaKix that by 2025, influencer marketing spend will be at and above $10 billion, so the […]

Cause Marketing and Pet Influencers: The Perfect Combo

PLATFORM LOGIN BRAND SIGN UP What is Cause Marketing?  Cause marketing is a marketing tactic centered on partnering a for-profit business with a non-profit business in a mutually beneficial deal. We live in an incredibly connected global society, and thanks to the Internet, we’re all hyper-aware of global issues. People are almost primed to respond to […]

Happy Summer! Get your content strategy together!

Things are heating up and we are so excited to see the fun, summer content everyone creates!  June is National Microchipping Month At Pets on Q we encourage anyone who is able to please microchip your pets! Give your vet a call to schedule an appointment to get your pet chipped or have your pet’s […]