How to make money with Licensing and Claiming!



As you’ve been growing your account into a viral powerhouse, you’ve probably received offers at various points from people requesting to use your content. Today we are going to help break down the basics of licensing and content claiming and how it can help you and your social media brand.


What is Licensing?


To put it simply, licensing is the process of giving/selling the rights to your content. This is sold to a third party who will attempt to make a profit by selling it to various media outlets.


Once that content has earned a profit, the original owner of the content will receive a payment, typically these are paid out based on percentages earned as opposed to an upfront fee. To make sure our influencers are always happy, Pets on Q offers competitive percentages and takes out the guesswork.


You might be asking yourself why it’s important to license your content, and the easiest answer is that this can make you money off of your hard work. Licensing your content means that you are getting your content shown in places that you might have never been able to do on your own.


How else do you think shows like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, “Tosh.0”, “The Dodo” or some of your favorite YouTube channels get their content? These places are always looking for the next big viral video and are trying to show it off to the world!



Licensing VS Granting Permission?


Before doing anything with your content, you need to decide if you are giving it away because you want exposure or trying to make money with it.

Have you ever had a video go viral and you start receiving messages from companies or social media accounts asking for permission to use your content in their videos? Have you ever received a message from someone saying they want permission to use your content to use on their channel and that they will be “sharing your content for exposure” and “tagging your name for fans to follow”?


Well, you’re not alone, everyday viral video companies are reaching out to thousands of people trying to get access to their content for as cheap as possible. This is a great and cheap way for them to use your content without having to give you anything substantial in return.  So why grant permission when you know they are making money off your content?


We won’t flat out say that granting permission to get exposure is always a bad thing. These companies and social media accounts really can help get you more exposure on your channel but be sure to Read the fine print! Pets on Q has a licensing service which is very transparent and user friendly, and we are happy to answer any questions you have along the way.


What is Claiming and how is it different from Licensing?


Essentially when you sign up a video for claiming you are giving permission to a third party to protect your content from being monetized.  While you are free to do whatever you want with that video, you just get the added benefit of making a few bucks if that content is ever stolen.

Licensing on the other hand is you selling the rights of who canuse your specific content. This is in exchange for monetary compensation based on whatever that video is monetized on (this also includes stolen content).


Licensing your content is always going to be a shot in the dark.  You will never know if you have the next big viral video that gets millions of views, or a dud that barely gets ten. That is one reason why at Pets on Q we typically recommend you do not license your entire library of content at once.


What do you do if you are still making amazing viral videos and want to make sure no one is stealing your content? This is where claiming comes into play. People steal content all the time and reupload it to try and boost their own channels to make some money.


Claiming is the process by which stolen content that is being monetized on platforms like YouTube is properly being flagged and then paid out to the proper owner of the content. Pets on Q uses claiming as a serious way to protect your content from being misused.


What to do with your Viral Content?


Now that you have learned a bit more about the different things you can do with your content, you might be asking yourself what to do next? For those of you ready to take the next steps, get your content set up with either Licensing or Claiming (or both!) at Pets on Q! We have a great partnership with a company who are offering both the options of licensing specific content and signing up for the claiming of content.


Please click below to learn more and bookmark this page so you can refer back to it as needed. Here at Pets on Q we want everyone in the know so they can make informed decisions about how to utilize their content best. If you have any questions about either of these methods, Pets on Q is more than happy to help out!


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