Pets on Q Wrangler Certification Program

Whether you’re already a professional or just starting your journey, we have tailored pathways to guide you towards becoming a skilled and certified animal wrangler.

Wrangler Certification: Step by step process

1. Complete Course

Learn the essentials and necessary protocols for being a wrangler with Pets on Q.

2. Receive Certification

Based on your existing accreditations, you will be certified as a Jr. Wrangler or Certified Wrangler.

3. Join The Animal List

Showcase your services for free on The Animal List and unlock new opportunities.

Step 1:

Complete Course

This course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential for handling and training animal actors in a safe and effective manner.

What you can be expect to learn from our Wrangler Course:

Animal Behavior Understanding

Safety Protocols and Best Practices

Evaluations And Techniques for Working Different Species

Masterting Set Etiquette

Communication and Coordination

Step 2:

Get Certified

As you step into the next phase of your certification journey, we evaluate your unique skills and experiences to certify you as either a Junior Wrangler or a Certified Wrangler.

The difference between a Jr. Wrangler and Certified Wrangler:

Jr. Wrangler

Entry-level experience

Learn on the job under supervision

Committed to basic animal welfare and ethics

Building foundational skills through training.

Certified Wrangler

Reputable References from previous work

60 hours of on-set experience

High standards of animal welfare and ethics.

Continue to learn and improve for ongoing excellence.

Step 3:

Earn On The Animal List

Once certified as a Junior Wrangler or Certified Wrangler, unlock the full potential of your certification with exclusive access to The Animal List.

The benefits of working on The Animal List:

List and Promote your services for free and only pay when you're booked

Highlight your expertise to a broad audience

direct access to a variety of opportunities in the field

Expand Your Network In the Industry

Build your reputation by receiving and showcasing client reviews

Why Work With Pets on Q

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish industry guidelines ensuring animal safety.

Ensuring Compliance

Our program requires wranglers and animal actors adhere to ethical standards and industry regulations.

Enhancing Credibility

With 10+ years of experience, we’ve built credibility with our extensive work with animal talent on sets.


We ensure full transparency, covering aspects from transparent pricing to ethical treatment of animals on set.

Get started with our wrangler course today