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Air Mail

Discover how Pets on Q, with its inclusive approach, is reshaping Hollywood by providing opportunities for a diverse cast of animal actors. Colleen Wilson's commitment to showcasing talent and advocating for animal welfare shines through, turning the spotlight not just on the glitz and glam but also on responsible pet ownership.

International Business Times

IBT discusses the launch of Pets on Q's groundbreaking online platform, which serves as the world's first marketplace for pet influencers and animal actors. Leveraging analytical data, Pets on Q ensures maximum exposure and authentic engagements for influencers and offers the best options for agencies.

Business Insider

Explore the remarkable journey of Colleen Wilson as she pioneers transformative advancements in the world of pets and animal influencers. Uncover the visionary initiatives and game-changing contributions that have solidified Pets on Q's position as a driving force in the ever-evolving animal industry.

People Magazine

Colleen Wilson and Melissa Curtis take center stage in People Magazine's exclusive feature on our Netflix original series, Pet Stars. The Pets on Q series that showcases our amazing business and the heartwarming tales of extraordinary pets and their devoted owners.

Good Morning America

Colleen Wilson appeared on Good Morning America with her beloved deaf dog Charlie, named 'Pet of the Week.' Together, they shared Colleen's dedication that led her to teach Charlie American Sign Language (ASL), creating an extraordinary bond and communication.


Colleen Wilson and Melissa Curtis made a special appearance on the E News show with Mario Lopez to enthusiastically promote and share the heartwarming tales from our Netflix original series, Pet Stars, offering an inside look at the fascinating realm of pet influencers and animal actors.


Our very own Colleen Wilson and Melissa Curtis promote and divulge the secrets behind our Netflix original series, Pet Stars. The share an exclusive peek into the enchanting universe of Pets on Q, uncovering the intricacies of collaborating with animal talent.

The Dodo

Witness their extraordinary bond as they defy challenges and inspire others with their touching story of rescue and dedication, where Colleen's commitment to teaching sign language to Charlie has created an unbreakable connection of communication and love.


Colleen Wilson gave a compelling talk at SXSW, where she discussed her inspiring journey of making a successful transition into the pet industry. She shared invaluable insights and tips, empowering entrepreneurs to follow their passion and venture into the world of pets with confidence and purpose.


Variety provides an insightful look into the captivating world of Pets on Q and the flourishing animal influencer industry. Discover the remarkable stories behind the scenes as the show highlights the enchanting journeys of animal talent and their experience in the industry.

Yahoo News

Discover the enchanting world of extraordinary pets as Colleen and Melissa bring a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Pets on Q, where working with pet influencers and animal actors takes center stage. Pet Stars is a recommended watch for people of all ages!

Fox 11 Los Angeles

The visionary founder of Pets on Q, takes the spotlight on Fox News 11 Los Angeles, sharing insights on how you can turn your beloved pet into a star. Colleen reveals the magic behind Pets on Q and offers valuable tips on making your furry companion shine in the world of pet influencers and animal actors.

Daily Beast

According to Daily Beast's "Stream It Or Skip It" review, the verdict is a resounding STREAM IT for Netflix's "Pet Stars." With its heartwarming portrayal of a pet talent agency and their adorable clients, the show is a must-watch, guaranteed to bring sheer joy.

Decider Magazine

Decider magazine raves about our Netflix original series, Pet Stars, offering a glowing review and enthusiastic recommendation. The show explores the captivating realm of animal talent, promising heartwarming entertainment for all animal lovers and enthusiasts.


Insider magazine celebrates Colleen's heartwarming maternity shoot at the remarkable Animal Tracks exotic life animal sanctuary. Capturing the essence of motherhood and her love for animals, the shoot beautifully showcases Colleen's bond with the sanctuary's incredible residents.


In a delightful article by Popsugar titled "Need More Cute Animal Content? Follow the Pets of Netflix's Pet Stars on Instagram!" discover a treasure trove of adorable pet accounts showcased in Pets on Q, leaving animal enthusiasts craving for more heartwarming content to brighten their feeds.

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