Animal Actor Certification Program

Whether you’re already a certified professional or just starting your journey, we have tailored pathways to guide you towards becoming an animal actor.

Animal Actor Certification:

Step by step process

1. Join The Animal List

Even if your pet is not certified, you can list your animal on The Animal List to get hired. To qualify for specific jobs, you must be certified.

2. Receive Certification

Be evaluated in-person by a certified wrangler or agency, based on the levels below.

3. Update Your Listing

Once approved, update your listing on The Animal List. Your certification badge will be live once reviewed by our team.

4. Get Booked

Showcase your services for free on The Animal List and unlock new opportunities.

Animal Actor
Certification Levels

To get booked for specific production jobs, you must be a certified animal actor. We have four levels of certification you can reach.

Level 1:

Temperament Approved

All animal actors must pass our temperament evaluation, ensuring they meet high standards for health, temperament, and basic obedience.


• Pass temperament evaluation or provide documentation of a CGC, CGCA or an accredited therapy animal approval.
• Demonstrate high standards for health and basic obedience


Background Extras: Our temperament-approved animals are perfect for adding depth and realism to background scenes without stealing the spotlight.
Basic Roles: They excel at performing basic actions like walking on a leash, sitting, and staying, making them ideal for scenes requiring natural, everyday interactions.

Level 2:

Certified Animal Actor

Certified animals possess essential skills for typical supporting roles, demonstrating proficiency in basic commands and behaviors needed in production jobs.


• Show capability in handling background, supporting or some lead roles
• Demonstrate proficiency in basic commands and behaviors


Supporting Roles: These animal actors are capable of handling more complexity, making them suitable for supporting characters with significant interaction with human actors.
Specific Actions: They can perform a wider range of commands and behaviors, such as retrieving objects, following directional cues, or performing simple tricks.

Level 3:

Advanced Animal Actor

Capable of handling more complex supporting or lead roles, showing a higher level of skill and versatility.


• Excel in intricate scenes and advanced behaviors
• Demonstrate a high level of skill and finesse


Lead Roles: Advanced animal actors shine in roles that require significant interaction with human characters, intricate actions, and emotional depth.
Specialized Skills: They can perform advanced behaviors such as reacting to verbal or visual cues, navigating complex environments, and conveying specific emotions.

Level 4:

Elite Animal Actor

Reserved for the most experienced performers with extensive on-set experience and a track record of excellence. Trusted for the most demanding roles.


• Possess extensive on-set experience and a proven track record of excellence including reviews from past work
• Trusted implicitly to deliver outstanding performances


Lead Role: Elite animal actors are trusted to carry the weight of the story, showcasing their exceptional talent, reliability, and versatility.
Stunt Work: They can handle challenging stunts and action sequences with precision and safety, adding excitement and realism to the production.
High-Profile Projects: Reserved for prestigious projects and high-budget productions, elite animal actors bring prestige and professionalism to any role they undertake.

Working With Pets on Q

Industry Standards

We’re committed to establishing comprehensive guidelines and best practices for the protection of our animal actors.

Ensuring Compliance

Our program ensures that certified wranglers and animal actors adhere strictly to ethical standards and industry regulations.

Enhancing Credibility

With over 10+ years of experience in the animal actor industry, you can trust our expertise.

Promoting Transparency

We foster transparency and accountability in the treatment and care of animals on production sets.

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