Pets on Q is a global network that connects pet influencers to brands and companies, and we are looking for animal influencers to collaborate with us. Refer a campaign to us and you could get paid!

Pets on Q has a platform designed for pet influencers to connect with pet brands. We help influencers find fair rates for paid campaigns, and we pay extra commissions when influencers send referrals over that book additional influencers for their campaigns! In order to participate an animal influencer needs to simply forward the inquiry or email they have received from the brand to the Pets on Q team. Our team will keep the conversation going with the brand and work on solidifying a campaign for the original influencer that sent the inquiry over.

Then, our team will see about adding additional influencers to the campaign. If the brand books any additional influencers that complete the entire campaign, Pets on Q will pay the original influencer a referral commission! The commission paid is 5% of the net income retained by Pets on Q for each additional influencer added to the initial campaign only.   Here at Pets on Q we want to help influencers book quality campaigns for fair prices with reputable brands that pay! We also want to help influencers that help themselves by paying them extra commissions through our referral program!  

To get started, head over to our new Referral page!