4th Quarter: Holiday Social Media Marketing Guide

4th Quarter: Holiday Social Media Marketing Guide


It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween or daydreaming about Thanksgiving coming up, the holidays are coming up quickly. We compiled the holidays for the rest of the year so you can plan your campaigns and content accordingly.


Here’s a run-through of holidays to be thinking about as we close out the year.





This month is National Pet Wellness Month! We can’t over-emphasize how important it is to keep the health and wellness of pets in mind. If you’re thinking of ways to incorporate this into your campaign or have a pet health product, consider working with animal talent that focuses on health and wellness education.


This month many other brands are focusing on this and boosting awareness around pet wellness, get your product to be something noticed as well!


We hold Adopt a Shelter Dog Month near to our hearts, and it is going on throughout the month of October. If this speaks to you too, why not show off some shelter dogs?


Our team can help you find shelter and adopted dogs to work with. Work with these sweet pups to market your product, while highlighting an important cause! You may ask wait are their rescue dog micro influencers? YES! We have rescues, sanctuaries and adopted animals all over out pet network from sanctuaries with a mega famous following your brand can partner with to a cat micro influencer small rescue. If you need help finding them let us know.


Want to know how else you can support this worthy cause? Volunteering and donating are great ways to support dog shelters. Whether it’s giving a couple hours of your time or donating some necessities, you’re helping to keep these shelters running!









It’s October, so it’s only fitting that we have National Black Cat Day on October 27th. We can help you with whatever you need—like finding the 10 best black cat influencers! Get your products out there while it’s trending.







November is always a crazy time because the holiday season is finally here. The leaves are falling, the Christmas music is playing, and people are gearing up for some holiday shopping. If you’re a brand looking to promote a product or service, we have thousands of animal influencers ready to be scheduled for your campaigns! Reach out to us and we can get to work.


National Senior Pet Month is happening this month. This could be a great time to showcase some senior pets in your campaigns or carry the momentum from last month’s Adopt a Shelter Dog campaign. Senior pets have a hard time getting adopted, but they need homes as well. Calling attention to this holiday can help efforts for older dogs and cats.


National Take a Hike Day is happening this month too. While hikes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the hiking community is serious about the activity. They focus on their health, nutrition, gear, and where the best views are. Maybe your market is people who enjoy hiking, health, and wellness. If they have a pet, chances are they enjoy taking them along for the ride! Channel this into your campaign by finding sporty, outdoorsy animal influencers to work with.








November is also a month filled with holidays that your brand should take advantage of! There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. No need to hire a dog influencer agency. Hiring animal talent for these holidays, especially with the National Dog Show happening on the 24th, can be a great way to showcase your brand and we make it easy with our pet influencer network. Create a casting for free with our team and reach thousands of the best pet influencers on the market.








We have in holiday season for a few weeks already, but there’s a few more days to celebrate this month. From National Cookie Day to Christmas to New Year’s Eve, there’s plenty of opportunities for brands and animal talent alike.


Do you love cats? If you do, December is your lucky month! National Cat Lovers’ Month is happening all month long—so it’s good to start thinking about what cats you want to cast in your campaigns. Talk with us and we can help you find anything from a nano cat influencer to a Pet Star.









Whatever holiday you may need help finding animal influencers or pet stars for, reach out to us! We have thousands of talented animals to work with, and our Animal network makes it easy for you to find the perfect animal talent you need. Schedule a free call with our team HERE, and we’ll help you on your campaign.


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