The SAG/AFTRA and WGA strikes, and how it could affect Influencers and Content Creators

SAG/AFTRA And WGA Strikes To begin with, just about everyone has heard about the SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) and WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) strikes that are occurring. Many have seen videos of picketers lining up outside of companies such as Disney, Amazon and Netflix because of the demand of change, residual pay for streaming […]

Book Brands Easily: Our New & Improved Platform

PLATFORM LOGIN BRAND SIGN UP We dedicate this day to our furry, feathered, and scaly friends who bring us companionship and love. It’s also a perfect day to relaunch our booking platform where you can collaborate with brands! As the pet influencer industry continues to grow, more companies are looking to collaborate with these social […]

5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is a day to celebrate our furry, feathered, or scaled companions and to recognize the important role they play in our lives. It is also an opportunity to give back to the pets that give us so much joy and companionship. Here are some ways you can give back on National Pet […]

Dog cast in new ‘Prey’ movie had no prior training

Dog cast in new ‘Prey’ movie   If you’re a fan of Prey, then you know that the film is full of twists and turns, and it’s not just the humans who are keeping you on your toes. When Hulu’s new sci-fi series Prey came out this month, fans were quick to notice that the […]

Pet Stars releasing April 30th!

Introducing Pet Stars We are so pleased to finally be able to share the news that Colleen, Melissa, Pets on Q and a slew of amazing animals and brands are all going to be featured in the new reality series Pet Stars, premiering on Netflix on April 30th, 2021!  The trailer officially airs next week! If […]