In the world of animal talent, rescue groups have a unique opportunity to not only find loving homes for their animals but also to generate much-needed funds to support their mission. At The Animal List, we are dedicated to making a difference, one animal at a time, by providing a marketplace where rescue groups can showcase their talented animals for various events and acting jobs. By listing your services on The Animal List, you can open new avenues for adoptions and create a sustainable source of income to continue your vital work.

A rescue dog interacting with new owners at an event

Why List on The Animal List?


1. Increase Adoption Rates


By listing your animals on The Animal List, you provide them with greater chances of getting adopted at jobs or events. Events and acting jobs offer unique settings where animals can shine, displaying their personalities and winning the hearts of those who might be looking for a new pet. Each event or job is a chance to find a forever home for your rescues.


At SuperZoo, adorable kittens stole the spotlight, captivating attendees with their playful antics and gentle purrs. Beyond their charm, the event served a greater purpose, using proceeds to fund the rescue and spaying/neutering of hundreds of cats, exemplifying the power of compassion and community in making a positive impact on animal welfare. These kittens left an enduring legacy, reminding us of the importance of kindness towards all creatures, no matter their size.

Hire adoptable kittens for an event like SuperZoo

2. Generate Revenue


Listing your services on The Animal List allows you to earn money that can be reinvested into your rescue operations. Whether it’s covering veterinary bills, buying food and supplies, or funding rescue missions, the revenue generated from talent bookings can significantly support your organization’s needs.


Example: A rescue group partnered with a local business for a promotional event featuring their adoptable dogs. The event not only attracted a crowd but also generated funds through booking fees and donations, which were used to support the rescue’s ongoing efforts.

Man walking happy rescue dogs

3. Raise Awareness


Participating in events and media productions not only highlights your animals but also brings attention to your rescue group’s mission. It’s an excellent way to educate the public about the importance of animal rescue and the incredible pets waiting for their forever homes.


Example: A rescue cat starred in a local commercial, bringing both the product and the rescue organization into the spotlight. The ad increased the cat’s chances of adoption and raised awareness about the rescue’s mission.

Kitten in marketing material to get adopted

Types of Services You Can Offer


1. Event Appearances


Partner with event organizers to provide rescue animals for adoption drives, petting zones, and therapy sessions. These events create heartwarming experiences for attendees and increase the chances of adoption.


Example: We collaborated with a brand at a major pet expo to feature rescue dogs in their booth, resulting in several on-the-spot adoptions and significant media attention.

Pet adoptions available at an event

2. Acting Jobs


Offer your animals for roles in commercials, movies, TV shows, and live performances. Their unique looks and backgrounds can add authenticity and emotional depth to any production, making them stand out to audiences.


Example: A rescue dog was cast in a TV show, showcasing its unique talent and lovable nature. The exposure led to increased interest in the dog’s adoption and brought additional donations to the rescue group.

Rescue dogs posing for a photo shoot

3. Educational Programs


Participate in educational programs, school visits, and community outreach events. These engagements are excellent opportunities to showcase the wonderful personalities of your rescue animals and promote responsible pet ownership.


Example: Rescue animals were featured in a school program, teaching children about animal care and the importance of adoption. The program not only educated the students but also led to several adoptions by the children’s families.

Children enjoy learning about rescue animals

4. Content Creation


Utilize rescue animals in content creation for social media campaigns, promotional videos, and influencer collaborations. These opportunities not only generate revenue but also help spread the word about your rescue group.


Example: A popular pet influencer collaborated with a rescue group to create a series of heartwarming videos featuring adoptable pets. The campaign went viral, leading to numerous adoptions and increased donations.

Rescue kitten posing for a photo

How to Get Started On The Animal List


1. Create a Petfolio and Listings


Sign up on The Animal List and create a comprehensive petfolio with listings for your rescue group. Highlight your mission, share success stories, and provide details about the animals you have available for events and jobs.

2. Showcase Your Talent


Upload high-quality photos and videos of your animals, demonstrating their unique skills and charming personalities. The more engaging and detailed your listings, the higher the chances of securing bookings.


3. Promote Your Listings


Leverage your social media channels, website, and community networks to promote your listings on The Animal List. Encourage your supporters to share your profile and help spread the word.


4. Manage Bookings


Respond promptly to inquiries and manage your bookings through The Animal List platform. Ensure that your animals are prepared for their roles and maintain clear communication with event organizers and production teams.

At The Animal List, we believe that rescue animals have incredible potential to touch lives and make a difference. By listing your services on our platform, you can help your animals find loving homes, generate essential revenue, and raise awareness about the importance of animal rescue. The opportunities are endless, and the impact is profound. Join The Animal List today and take the first step towards a brighter future for your rescue animals and your organization.


Together, we can make a difference, one animal at a time.

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