Step into a world of creativity and diversity with The Animal List, your premier destination for discovering an array of animal talents ready to bring magic to your projects. From pet influencers and certified animal wranglers to therapy animals and pet photographers, our platform connects you with a multitude of talents. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the exciting process of booking animal talent step by step while introducing you to the various types of professionals available.


Types of Animal Talent:


Pet Influencers:

Social media-savvy animals with a significant following, perfect for marketing and promotional campaigns.


Pet Content Creators:

Animals trained to create engaging content for social media, websites, or promotional material.


Animal Actors:

Highly trained animals ready to perform in films, commercials, or live events, showcasing specialized skills.


Certified Animal Wranglers:

Skilled handlers who ensure the well-being and proper behavior of animals on set, providing a seamless production process.


Entertainment Animals:

Animals like goats for yoga sessions or puppies for parties, adding a delightful and memorable touch to events.


Working Animals:

Specialized animals like guard dogs offering security services or goats to clear out unwanted brush. 


Animal Professionals:

Experts such as pet photographers capturing perfect moments, groomers enhancing an animal’s appearance, and trainers shaping behaviors.

The steps for working in The Animal List


There are two ways to find and book animal talent on The Animal List; book directly through an animal talent’s listing or create a casting call to attract animal talent applicants.


Step 1: Explore The Animal List or Create a Casting Call

Begin your journey by exploring our platform, where a diverse range of animal talent awaits or create a detailed casting call specifying the talent you are looking for. 

Step 2: Browse Profiles and Petfolios

Dive into the profiles and portfolios available on The Animal List. Detailed descriptions, photos, and videos provide insights into the skills and experience of each animal.


Step 3: Read Reviews and Testimonials

Gain valuable insights from other buyers by reading reviews and testimonials, ensuring a reliable and professional collaboration with your chosen animal talent.

Step 4: Book Animal Talent

Book selected talent or handlers through our platform, where you can also discuss project details, ensuring clear communication and alignment on expectations.


Step 5: Finalize the Booking

Once you’ve found the perfect match, finalize the booking details, including terms, schedule, compensation, and any additional requirements.


Congratulations! You’re now equipped to infuse your projects with the extraordinary talents of animals from The Animal List. From pet influencers to certified wranglers, these diverse professionals are ready to elevate your creative vision. Follow this guide and get ready to witness the unique magic each animal talent brings to your productions. Happy booking!

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