The Appeal of Animals in Influencer Marketing

The Appeal of Animals in Influencer Marketing While influencers are more of a modern-day concept, the appeal of animals to the internet is not. There was once a time where it seemed that the primary purpose of the internet was to share cat videos, not just to look at whichever picture Kim Kardashian has posted […]

Pet Stars releasing April 30th!

Introducing Pet Stars We are so pleased to finally be able to share the news that Colleen, Melissa, Pets on Q and a slew of amazing animals and brands are all going to be featured in the new reality series Pet Stars, premiering on Netflix on April 30th, 2021!  The trailer officially airs next week! If […]

Spring Has Sprung and April is right around the corner, get your content planned!

April is quickly approaching! Now is the time to keep planning your April and spring-themed content and campaigns. It’s always good to be ahead of the game, so be sure you know everything you have coming up. Here at Pets on Q we want influencers to be prepared, and we are here to help every […]