Introducing the latest stars in our ever-growing network of pet influencers! These charismatic and adorable furballs are taking the online world by storm. From fashionable felines to daring dogs, our new pet influencers are ready to steal your hearts. Whether they’re striking a pose, showing off their unique talents, or simply being their adorable selves, these pets are bound to bring a smile to your face. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with our furry friends and discover the joy and inspiration they bring to our lives.


Get ready to be charmed by Auburn & GG, the talented Bulldog duo. They are taking the blogging and acting worlds by storm! Their adorable on-screen presence has won the hearts of audiences everywhere. From captivating commercials to big-screen blockbusters, Auburn & GG’s undeniable talent shines through in every performance.


Meet Luna and Caelum, the dynamic duo of Birmingham, AL, consisting of Luna Gale and Caelum Grey. Together, they embark on extraordinary adventures, capturing the hearts of those around them with their unique personalities and boundless energy. Join Luna and Caelum as they explore the vibrant cityscape and create unforgettable memories in their Alabama hometown.


Rebecca Southerland is a proud Texan and a true believer in the power of positivity. As a devoted wife and mother of four boys, family is at the center of her world. Rebecca’s love extends beyond humans; she’s also a dedicated Doberman Mama, showering her furry friend with love and care. Not just content with her roles at home, Rebecca selflessly serves her community as a volunteer firefighter, always ready to lend a helping hand.


Meet Tank and Fisher, the dynamic Labrador Retriever duo that will steal your heart! These adorable Chocolate and Dudley Labs are taking the internet by storm with their charming personalities and irresistible antics. Join the #fishtankfam and embark on a delightful journey with this lovable pair. They’ll have you laughing and smiling with their playful escapades.


Bella is not only a dedicated dog lover but also a skilled handler. Sevy, her sporting superstar, is always ready to take on any challenge, showcasing impressive agility and speed. Ginger brings joy and companionship to her daily life, with endless cuddles and wagging tails. And let’s not forget about Ellie, Bella’s exceptional Service Dog in Training (SDIT), who is diligently learning to assist and support Bella in her everyday tasks. Together, Bella, Sevy, Ginger, and Ellie form a remarkable team that embodies the incredible bond between humans and their four-legged friends.


Meet Candice Holliday, the urbanite with a heart full of love for her two rescue kitties! Living in the bustling city, Candice has created a cozy haven for her feline companions. From playtime to cuddles, her days are filled with purrs and meows, creating a bond that’s unbreakable. Follow Candice’s journey as she navigates the joys and challenges of raising her rescue kitties in the city!


Introducing Stan the Man, the charismatic fashion model making waves in the industry! As a stunning Blue Merle Aussie, Stan captivates the camera with his unique look and undeniable charm. Born in 2020, in Salem, CT, Stan brings a perfect blend of style and personality to every runway and photoshoot. Follow Stan’s journey as he struts his way through the fashion world, leaving a lasting impression with his iconic presence and impeccable sense of style.


Get ready to meet Bubbles, the teenage golden retriever with an insatiable love for adventures! This good boy, at just 9 months old, is filled with boundless energy and an eagerness to explore the world. Born in 2022, and growing up fast, Bubbles is always up for a new challenge or outdoor escapade. Join Bubbles on his journey as he discovers new sights, sniffs new scents, and spreads happiness wherever he goes.


Meet Winston, the remarkable AKC CGC Basset Hound who is not only a public figure but also a First Responder Therapy Dog, spreading comfort and joy wherever he goes.As a talented UGC Creator and Direct Response Copywriter, Winston knows how to engage his audience and deliver impactful messages. Based in Texas, Winston is ready to make a positive impact and leave a lasting impression on your brand.


Introducing Gnocchi, the fluffy bundle of joy that will melt your heart! This adorable Golden Retriever is just 5 months old and filled to the brim with love and puppy energy. With a wagging tail and a playful spirit, Gnocchi is ready to bring endless smiles and companionship to your home. Whether it’s cuddling on the couch or exploring the great outdoors, Gnocchi’s irresistible charm and adorable antics will make every moment a memorable one.


Archie, Luna, and Carly are the lovable trio of rescue pups here to bring joy, laughter, and a pet-friendly lifestyle to your Central Florida living! These adorable canine companions are masters of comedic relief, ready to melt hearts and make you smile. With their playful antics and irresistible charm, Archie, Luna, and Carly are the perfect ambassadors for brands looking to promote a pet-friendly lifestyle, spread happiness, and add a touch of laughter to the world.


Meet Essie and Aspen, the dynamic duo of the dog world! As Toy and Mini Aussies, they bring a whole lot of cuteness and charm to the table. With their passion for frisbee, treats, and outdoor adventures, Essie and Aspen have established themselves as true pet influencers. Based in Houston, Texas, their digital creator prowess shines through their content, providing brands with an opportunity to tap into their engaged and dog-loving audience.

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