Introducing the latest stars in our ever-growing network of pet influencers! These charismatic and adorable furballs are taking the online world by storm. From fashionable felines to daring dogs, our new pet influencers are ready to steal your hearts. Whether they’re striking a pose, showing off their unique talents, or simply being their adorable selves, these pets are bound to bring a smile to your face. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with our furry friends and discover the joy and inspiration they bring to our lives.


Introducing Cava, the dynamic and accomplished canine ready to elevate your brand to new heights! With an impressive list of accolades including AKC, CGC, CGCU, CGCA, TKN, and TKI, Cava is a true star in the making. This stunning Red Merle AKC Miniature American Shepherd brings a perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and charm to every project. Born in2021, in sunny Orlando, FL, Cava is a young and vibrant female ready to captivate your audience.


Meet Biff, the delightful furry companion who knows how to make life a little more fun. Born on February 9, 2018, Biff’s playful spirit and infectious energy bring joy to everyone around him. Originally hailing from NYC, Biff has now made Durham, NC his home, spreading laughter and happiness wherever he goes.


Get ready to collaborate with Artemis, the charming Australian Shepherd who has captured the hearts of over 108K loyal followers. With a strong presence on social media, Artemis is not only a talented canine content creator but also an active participant in agility, rally, tricks, and FCAT. Join forces with Artemis, alongside her trusted companions FT Atlas, the German Shepherd, and Dylan, the devoted dog mom, to bring a touch of magic and authenticity to your brand.


Introducing Sailor and Harbor, the lovable Lab siblings from LI, NY, who bring joy and comfort as therapy dogs. Born in 2020, these two compassionate canines are the perfect addition to any agency seeking the remarkable healing power of animal-assisted therapy. With their gentle nature and unwavering dedication, Sailor and Harbor are ready to make a positive impact and create lasting connections with those in need.


Get ready to meet the dynamic duo of rescue pups, Pax the Border Collie and Pixie the Aussiedoodle, hailing from PA Pups. These adorable fur babies are not only raw-fed but also excel in training and have a knack for exploring new places. Follow their paw-steps as they embark on exciting adventures, savor delicious meals, and master new tricks while captivating hearts along the way.


Join Nash and Niko, two Australian Shepherds residing in the sunny and vibrant Sunshine State of Miami, FL. With Nash born on June 28, 2021, and Niko Moon making their appearance on January 3, 2022, these playful pups are always up for an adventure. Follow their journey as they explore the beautiful beaches, embrace the Florida lifestyle, and bring joy to all who cross their paths.


Step into Luna Buna’s personal blog, where this vibrant and spirited female German Shepherd, born on August 31st, 2020, shares her exciting journey in the beautiful landscapes of Georgia. Luna, with her playful nature and boundless energy, invites readers to join her in exploring the world of sports, training, and thrilling adventures. With her proud Trick Dog Novice (TKN) title, Luna showcases her intelligence and dedication, leaving a trail of inspiration for fellow dog lovers on her captivating blog.


This German Shepherd x Dutch Herder mix shares her captivating tales as the self-proclaimed “Queen of Sass.” Join Lottie and her devoted owners on their eventful journey with a reactive dog, as they navigate the ups and downs of training and life in Leicestershire, UK. With Lottie’s unique heritage and charming personality, her stories are sure to entertain and inspire fellow dog enthusiasts worldwide.


Otter, Pike, and River, are a delightful trio of furry friends who bring endless joy to their owners. Pike, a charismatic male Golden Retriever, is a certified Canine Good Neighbor, eager to please and always ready for an adventure. River, his adorable Golden Retriever companion, brings a touch of sweetness with her gentle nature, while Otter, the charming Chihuahua, adds a dash of spunk and personality to this lovable pack.


JodiE, a prominent public figure, is synonymous with her love and dedication to Huskies. Through joy and sorrow, JodiE has cherished the memory of her beloved companions, Cain, Frankie, Thor, and Tsar, who have left their pawprints on her heart. With Ollie, Eros, and Clifford continuing their legacy, JodiE’s passion for these majestic creatures shines bright, inspiring countless others to embrace the extraordinary bond between humans and their furry companions.


Immerse yourself in the artistic world of Claude Monet Cohen, a talented Portuguese Water Dog.  Follow along as this canine artist explores the depths of their imagination, leaving a pawprint of inspiration wherever they go.


Meet Finn, the charming Cockapoo hailing from both Toronto and Warkworth in Ontario, Canada. This adorable floofster is not just a pretty face but also a savvy entrepreneur, ready to take on the world with his wagging tail and paws full of ideas. Get ready to be inspired by Finn’s journey as he combines cuteness and business acumen in his pursuit of success. 


Get ready to be inspired by Caster, the extraordinary Border Collie who is breaking boundaries as a digital creator. Caster brings a fresh and inclusive perspective to their content. Born on May 7th, 2017, Caster is not only a talented digital influencer but also an accomplished AKC Pt’d Crazy Border’s Nothing Else Matters CGC TKN ITD, showcasing their versatility and dedication.


Meet Koda, the magnificent Siberian who calls Beverly Hills, CA, home! Born on August 8, 2016, Koda is a purebred beauty with an irresistible charm and stunning blue eyes that will leave you captivated. Living the high life in the heart of Beverly Hills, Koda enjoys the finer things in life while capturing hearts with every pawstep.


Get ready to embark on an adventure with Benny & Remy, the dynamic duo of the Pacific Northwest! These two playful pups are always up for a thrilling escapade amidst the stunning landscapes of towering pines and crashing waves. Get ready to be captivated by their charm and infectious zest for life as they take you on unforgettable journeys through the PNW wilderness. 


Welcome to the world of Alexa, Yhorm, and their doting mom Ella! Join these two adorable Australian Shepherd/Collie rescues, with Alexa at the seasoned age of 10 and Yhorm being an incredible Service Dog in Training, as they embark on their journey of realistic moments, engaging enrichment activities, mouthwatering treats, and so much more. Get ready to be inspired by their unwavering bond and heartwarming adventures, filled with love and joy at every step.

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