Animal actor ratings play a crucial role in the entertainment industry, providing valuable insights into the behavior, performance, and reliability of animals on set. However, understanding the rating system and its significance can be complex. In this blog, we’ll demystify the rating system used to evaluate animal actors, discuss the criteria used to assess them, and provide insights into how wranglers work with animal actors.


Decoding the Rating System

  • Understanding Ratings: Animal actor ratings typically range from beginner to advanced levels, with variations depending on the specific rating system used by each production company or organization. Ratings are assigned based on the animal’s temperament, training level, performance ability, and reliability on set.
  • Significance of Ratings: Each rating signifies the animal’s proficiency in performing specific behaviors or actions required for scenes. Higher ratings indicate a higher level of skill, reliability, and consistency in performance, making animals more desirable for demanding or complex roles.
  • Behavior and Performance: Ratings also reflect the animal’s behavior and performance during filming, including factors such as focus, responsiveness to cues, and ability to work in various environments and situations. Animals with higher ratings demonstrate greater adaptability and professionalism on set.


Criteria for Assessment

  • Temperament Approval: Any certified animal needs to pass a temperament test. That can be by a certified wrangler or if they have already obtained a CGC, CGCA or therapy animal certification. We do this to ensure the animals are confident, reliable, healthy and happy to be working. We know this job isn’t for every animal and this helps producers know the animals they hire have gone through an in-person test and are safe around a set. 
  • Training Level Certifications: The animal’s level of training is a key factor in determining its rating. Trained behaviors are assessed based on accuracy, precision, and reliability, with higher ratings reserved for animals capable of performing a wide range of behaviors with consistency. Animals are evaluated based on their ability to perform specific actions or behaviors required for scenes, such as sitting, standing, head control, marks, walking, or performing tricks ( or Qs). Ratings consider factors such as timing, execution, and presentation of behaviors.
    • Animal Actor Certification 
    • Advanced Animal Actor Certification 
    • Elite Animal Actor Certification 
  • Reliability and Consistency: Reliability is paramount in animal acting, as productions rely on animals to perform consistently and predictably during filming. Animals with higher ratings demonstrate reliability in their performance, with minimal errors or disruptions on set.


Working with Animal Actors

  • Training and Preparation: Wranglers play a crucial role in preparing animal actors for their roles, ensuring they are trained to perform specific behaviors required for scenes. They use various training techniques to reinforce desired behaviors and address any challenges or limitations.
  • Tailoring Training to Role Requirements: Wranglers tailor training sessions to meet the specific requirements of each role or production, focusing on behaviors and actions relevant to the character and storyline. They work closely with directors and producers to ensure animals are prepared for their roles effectively.
  • Providing Support and Guidance: Wranglers support animal actors during filming by providing cues, prompts, and encouragement as needed. They monitor the animal’s performance and behavior on set, making adjustments to training techniques or strategies as necessary to ensure a successful outcome.


Animal actor ratings provide valuable insights into the behavior, performance, and reliability of animals on set, helping productions select the most suitable animals for various roles and productions. By understanding the rating system and its significance, as well as the criteria used to assess animal actors, wranglers can ensure animals meet the standards required for success in the entertainment industry.

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