Ready to turn your pet’s talents into income? Welcome to The Animal List, where your furry companion can showcase their skills and earn money! In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to get started, offer tips for creating an outstanding PETfolio, and introduce essential terminology for navigating The Animal List seamlessly. 


Get Started on The Animal List

STEP 1: Sign Up On The Animal List

Begin your journey by creating an account using your social credentials or email address. Once registered, you’ll be directed to fill out your profile, or what we call a PETfolio.

STEP 2: Create Your PETfolio

Your PETfolio is your profile on The Animal List, it displays all of your listings. Add key details like your name, display name, profile picture, description, and any relevant website links. This is your opportunity to showcase your pet’s personality and talents, so make it captivating!

STEP 3: Post Animal Listings

Now it’s time to showcase you and your pet’s services. Whether it’s pet influencer services, animal actor, therapy animal services, or entertainment gigs, create detailed listings. Include captivating photos and videos, and offer three different packages for each service to cater to diverse client needs.

STEP 4: Set Up Payment Details

Before your listings go live, you have to set up your payment details via Stripe. This ensures you get paid and a smooth transaction when clients book your services.


STEP 5: Apply To Open Casting Calls

Browse through current open casting calls on The Animal List. These are job opportunities posted by animal talent buyers seeking specific skills. Apply to casting calls that align with your pet’s abilities and interests. Send the potential buyer a message along with a link to one of your listings.


Responding to Job Offers

  1. Receive Notifications: If you receive a direct job offer from an animal talent buyer, you’ll be notified via your dashboard and email.

  2. Review and Decide: Take time to review the job details and proposed payment amount carefully. You’ll have 72 hours to approve or deny the offer.

  3. Connect with the Buyer: Use the messaging area on The Animal List to communicate with the buyer. Confirm details and address any questions before proceeding.

  4. Complete the Job: Once the job is completed to the buyer’s satisfaction, your payment will be automatically deposited into your account.

  5. Review Each Other: Don’t forget to review each other after the job to maintain transparency and credibility within the community.


Tips for Success

  • Optimize Your PETfolio and listings: Make it visually appealing and highlight your pet’s unique talents. SEO is an important tool, search engine optimization can help people find you through online search engines, like Google. 
  • Promote Your Listings: Share them on social media and engage with potential clients to expand your reach.
  • Provide Excellent Service: Deliver exceptional experiences to earn positive reviews and build a strong reputation.
  • Stay Active: Regularly update your listings and check for new casting calls to stay relevant.



  • Animal Talent Seller: Individuals offering services with their pets.
  • Animal Talent Buyer: Clients seeking animal talent for specific projects.
  • PETfolio: Your pet’s profile showcasing its skills, services and your listings.
  • Animal Listing: Detailed descriptions of the services you offer with your pet.
  • Casting Call: Job opportunities posted by animal talent buyers.
  • Listing Packages: Different service tiers offered, such as Basic, Advanced, and Premium.
  • Inclusions and add-ons: Making it clear and transparent to a buyer what is included in each package and offering for each price point. Where add-ons can be included separately and included in the rate. 

With this guide, you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey as animal talent on The Animal List. Sign up today and let your pet’s talents shine!

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