The Top Animal Booking Platform ForBrands, Agencies, Partners, Influencers, Creators, Set Animals, Producers

Pets on Q enables collaboration among our animal talent, brands and agencies through our technology and services. We bring the key assets of advanced influencer search, pricing analysis, and full campaign management.

Work with the experts in the animal talent industry

With premium technology and data to connect brands with animal talent. We power content with value, authenticity, and a state-of-the-art booking platform. We provide a one-stop shop for brand awareness on a global scale.


Let animal talent come to you

Take control of your campaigns from the start. With our open casting system, you can post a casting that is sent out to over 1,500+ animals. They will then apply with their pricing details and content ideas, which you will be able to approve or deny. 

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Manage your campaigns in one place

With our new state of the art booking platform, animal talent and brands have the ability to connect and run an end-to-end campaign all in one place! Build long-term partnerships and drive revenue with our network of vetted animal talent.


Easily connect and collaborate with the perfect match

Pets on Q finds and filters animal talent into the ultimate and professional network. With our advanced search options with over 50 different filters, finding animals to work with are easier than ever!


Streamline your campaign with our team of experts

Let our team become an extension of yours! With our respected team and analytics based software, we can fully customize all services for your brand’s needs.

Brands and agencies, get started with Pets on Q today!

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Get started in our booking platform today! You are able to set your own budget, hire professional and vetted animals, run a campaign from start to finish, and handle payments with our all in one tool. 


Need the experts to run your campaign from start to finish?With our Specialized Service, we are here to become an extension of your team and run a seemless campaign on your behalf. 

We love what we do!

"I wish we signed with them sooner! There were people stealing our content, and we were being taken advantage of until we learned from Colleen at Pets on Q!"

Travis Owner of

"I’m so glad to be a part of the Pets on Q team! Over the past few years, they’ve made countless campaigns and deals a reality. Coby would not be where he is today without them!"

Rebecca @cobythecat

"As we wrap up the LiveClear program, I wanted to thank Pets on Q for being such great partners as always! Clients are thrilled with how everything turned out."

Molli Executive At Golin