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Pets on Q started as a management company, but now we have shifted gears. We are no longer focusing on exclusive management which means we can work with even more influencers and bring them access to more opportunities! We want to be sure that all influencers in the pet space have the chance to see what we have to offer and join our roster!

Cause Marketing and Pet Influencers: The Perfect Combo

What is Cause Marketing? 

Cause marketing is a marketing tactic centered on partnering a for-profit business with a non-profit business in a mutually beneficial deal. We live in an incredibly connected global society, and thanks to the Internet, we’re all hyper-aware of global issues.


People are almost primed to respond to cause marketing campaigns. Consumers are learning of the value of where they spend their money, so aligning your brand with a cause that you genuinely care about can be hugely beneficial to both parties. To put a number on it, ShoppingGives has estimated that the financial benefits of

The Appeal of Animals in Influencer Marketing