Looking to monetize your page? Pets on Q is here to help!

Looking to monetize your page?


Pets on Q started as a management company, but now we have shifted gears. We are no longer focusing on exclusive management. This means we can work with even more influencers and bring them access to more opportunities! We want to be sure that all influencers in the pet space have the chance to see what we have to offer!


Booking Platform


So, to kick things off, we have taken many years of experience and poured all we know into the brand-new Pets on Q Booking Platform!  We created this with pet influencers in mind, to give them a way to partner with more brands and make more money. 


Pets on Q started out because our founder Colleen wanted to change an industry. Now she has not only changed an industry, but revolutionized pet influencer marketing with the launch of this platform.


It is the only platform in the world with patent pending technology to help brands and pet influencers pair up on paid collaborations. The platform is faster and more efficient, taking out the guesswork on all sides.


With the Pets on Q proprietary algorithm, brands will see valuations based on quality follower count and engagement, not inflated numbers. And influencers will be able to negotiate rates and details with brands with confidence and ease.


Best of all, Pets on Q is not exclusive, so all pet influencers can have a manager or agent (or both) and still work with us, book campaigns and make money working through the Pets on Q Booking Platform!


If you are an influencer and you would like to apply to be on our roster so you can access all the opportunities the platform has to offer, please click HERE.


If you are a brand interested in learning more about how you can gain access to the platform and place a free casting. You can get started booking animal talent right away, please click HERE.


Besides the new Booking Platform, we have many other exciting programs to share!




The Pets on Q Referral Program


Here at Pets on Q we want to help influencers book quality campaigns for fair prices with reputable brands that pay! We also want to help influencers that help themselves by paying them extra commissions through our referral program! To learn more, please click HERE.





The Pets on Q Affiliate Program


Interested in making money with your pet by promoting products you love, in your own store? Set up your Pets on Q affiliate shop today and become an affiliate for pet products!


You get your own branding and hand-pick the products you sell, so your followers feel like they’re supporting a small business. Also, avoid the big fees that places like Shopify charge. To learn more, please click HERE.




Licensing & Content Claiming Program


Looking for the opportunity to protect and sell your amazing pet content internationally? There are many ways you can monetize your content, whether you have amazing photos perfect for greeting cards, or viral videos that are being used without your permission, we can help!


Pets on Q has two ways for you to make additional revenue off of your content with Claiming and Licensing. To learn more, please click HERE.






Our friends at Bonfire do an amazing job creating merchandise for the members of our community! If you have always dreamed of having a product to sell (like a t-shirt, sweatshirt or coffee mug, to name a few) featuring your pet, this could be a great opportunity for you!


To learn more, please click HERE.


If you have any questions about these fun and exciting opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have!


Here at Pets on Q, we have had an unprecedented last few years that have culminated in exciting growth and incredible opportunities, and we have always wanted to do good business, with good people and good animals.


We feel that with these amazing new changes and programs we are offering, now more than ever is the time for pet influencers to rise to the top of influencer social media marketing, and Pets on Q wants to help everyone get there!


Pets on Q is excited to continue working with the most diverse and incredible influencer talent in the pet space, along with brands and companies across the globe that range from the biggest names around, to emerging startups.


Influencers, don’t let opportunities pass you by, make sure you are an approved pet influencer in the Pets on Q Booking Platform today!

A new way for Animal Talent to make money!

Pets on Q is a global network that connects pet influencers to brands and companies, and we are looking for animal influencers to collaborate with us. Refer a campaign to us and you could get paid!

Valuing Pet Influencers Versus Human Influencers

Here’s How to Choose and Accurately Price an Influencer

If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us. Influencer marketing – specifically pet influencer marketing – is making big waves in marketing. It’s been estimated by MediaKix that by 2025, influencer marketing spend will be at and above $10 billion, so the biggest question isn’t how much you’re going to spend, but rather it’s where you’re going to spend it: on human influencers, or pet influencers?


How do they compare?


The Case for Human Influencers

Human influencers can be a high-risk, high-reward investment. On the plus side, humans are able to relate to their audience on a more intimate level because they can offer their personal recommendation. People value a trustworthy opinion from someone they already like and follow.


Unfortunately, though, human influencers aren’t perfect. For example, they can make mistakes and get involved in Internet drama. All too many have found themselves ‘cancelled’ – some ‘haters’ going as far as changing their consumption habits to spite an influencer they dislike (e.g. if a consumer sees an influencer, they dislike drinking a Pepsi, they may opt for a Coke next time they are shopping).



In Favor of Pet Influencers 


On the other hand, pet influencers can be characterized as a low-risk, high-reward investment. Pets have been going viral since the start of the Internet – it might be 2021, but we still can’t get enough cat videos. Animal content is some of the most viewed content on the Internet.


Animals are innocent – they’re not threatened by ‘cancel culture’. Plus, as animal rights activism has gained popularity, more people are actively invested in the welfare of animals. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love their pet – so your potential audience of consumers is wide.


Here’s what the Instagram algorithm cares about these days: shareable, savable content. You’ll be rewarded when you share content that people add to their saved content, as well as when people send your post around or share it to their story. The good news is that animal content is some of the most shareable content on social media.


Younger generations who spend lots of time-consuming fun pictures and videos are growing in their care for animals and the environment. This is especially important as younger generations, like Millennials, have surpassed older generations in population. Millennials also account for the majority of pet owners.


The one potential downside to utilizing pet influencers is that they may not relate to their human audience as well as another human influencer. Consumers are smart and know that realistically, there is a human behind the animal account, but they still enjoy their fun, happy content.


After comparing these two types of influencers, your brand has a decision to make: which one are you going to use? When it comes to valuing pet influencers versus human influencers, you must decide what you’re looking to accomplish with an influencer marketing campaign.


How To Price Out an Influencer 


As discussed here, there are many incorrect ways to price out an influencer. Most commonly, people assume that price per post should be based on follower count.


While Pets on Q is happy to share that our roster has a total of over 80 million Instagram followers, what matters more is our pet influencers’ level of authentic engagement. Human influencers have been known to artificially increase both their follower count through a variety of tactics including bots, purchased accounts, and engagement ‘pods’ with other influencers.


That is why we at Pets on Q utilize a proprietary formula based on authenticated engagement in order to price out our pet influencer bookings. When utilizing our booking platform, we can even show you how analytics and data can help figure out the pricing and valuation for specific accounts. Our booking platform allows access to all forms of analytics including followers, engagement rate, authentic engagement, and types of content, all so that you can create the best campaign possible.


The fact of the matter is that influencer marketing is a valuable tool that has become widely available to marketers across hundreds upon thousands of brands and products. Influencer marketing is a good strategy and investment, but with the right influencer it can become a great strategy and investment.


Oftentimes, finding the right influencer for your campaign is half the battle. For more information on tackling that challenge you can check out our blog post here or sign up for our Booking Platform to quickly narrow down the right influencer for your campaign.

November Holidays to inspire all kinds of amazing content!

November Holidays to inspire all kinds of amazing content!


November is here and that means that the holiday season is in full swing! Pumpkin spice everything, changing leaves, colder weather and TONS of amazing content!


For us at Pets on Q this time of year is historically the busiest time in the world of influencer marketing!



There are tons of brands looking to book animal talent, and we have thousands of talented influencers on our roster. So, please reach out to us if you are looking to hire an animal to promote your product or service, or to learn about our amazing all-in-one booking platform.


November is also National Senior Pet Month

November is also National Senior Pet Month and that means it is a great time to consider adopting a senior pet! Senior pets are often the hardest for shelters and rescues to find homes. They have higher euthanasia rates, and many are simply overlooked. However, they can make wonderful companions for the right person or family.

Here are some reasons why a senior pet might be right for you:


  • They have likely outgrown their “toddler energy” and have mellowed out considerably


  • They are usually already trained for the basics such as house training so they can be easier to integrate into your lifestyle


  • They do not require the extra attention that a puppy or kitten might need


  • They are older and wiser and likely very grateful to have a warm and safe place to be


As with all pets, an adjustment period should be expected anytime they are introduced to a new environment or living situation.


November is a great month to reflect on all the wonderful things in our lives that we are thankful for. It has been another doozie of a year for most of us but focusing on thankfulness and gratitude can be very helpful in keeping your outlook positive.


This month there are tons of holidays to inspire your content creation! From Diwali to World Kindness Day to National Pickle Day and Thanksgiving, there is no shortage of inspiration.




Happy Summer! We hope you are ready to create some great content!

Things are heating up and we are so excited to see the fun, summer content everyone creates!

June is National Microchipping Month, and here at Pets on Q we encourage anyone who is able to please microchip your pets! Give your vet a call to schedule an appointment to get your pet chipped or have your pet’s chip checked. Chipped pets should have their chips checked once a year to make sure they are still functional and easily found. Anyone who has ever lost a pet will tell you what a terrible thing it is to go through, being microchipped


is just one layer of defense that can be very helpful to anyone going through it. Microchips save lives and help reunite lost pets with their owners, make sure you are prepared!


It’s also Pet Appreciation Week from June 6th-12th! Of course, every day is an opportunity to show your pets love and appreciation, but this week is the designated holiday to formally express all your pets mean to you! Get creative with fun content to show off your pet, and your adoration, and please tag @PetsonQ for a chance to be reposted!


The first day of Summer on June 20th and Father’s Day is on June 21st! There are so many Pet Dads out there helping to create the amazing pet content we all love and follow.  This is the perfect time to celebrate the Pet Dads in your life, along with any other Dads that are important to you, so they get some much-appreciated accolades!  June is also Pride Month, and there are lots of ways you can show your support with your pets!


There are plenty of other holidays to use as inspiration for unique, inspiring content as well. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!