Looking to monetize your page? Pets on Q is here to help!

Pets on Q started as a management company, but now we have shifted gears. We are no longer focusing on exclusive management which means we can work with even more influencers and bring them access to more opportunities! We want to be sure that all influencers in the pet space have the chance to see what we have to offer and join our roster!

A new way for Animal Talent to make money!

Pets on Q is a global network that connects pet influencers to brands and companies, and we are looking for animal influencers to collaborate with us. Refer a campaign to us and you could get paid!

Valuing Pet Influencers Versus Human Influencers

Here’s How to Choose and Accurately Price an Influencer

If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us. Influencer marketing – specifically pet influencer marketing – is making big waves in marketing. It’s been estimated by MediaKix that by 2025, influencer marketing spend will be at and above $10 billion, so the biggest question isn’t how much you’re going to spend, but rather it’s where you’re going to spend it: on human influencers, or pet influencers?

November Holidays to inspire all kinds of amazing content!

November is here and that means that the holiday season is in full swing! Pumpkin spice everything, changing leaves, colder weather and TONS of amazing content!  For us at Pets on Q this time of year is historically the busiest time in the world of influencer marketing, and 2021 is shaping up to be no exception. There are tons of brands looking to book influencer talent, and we have thousands of talented influencers on our roster, so please reach out to us if you are looking to hire an animal to promote your product or service, or to learn about

Happy Summer! We hope you are ready to enjoy the warmer months coming everyone’s way and create some great content!

Things are heating up and we are so excited to see the fun, summer content everyone creates!

June is National Microchipping Month, and here at Pets on Q we encourage anyone who is able to please microchip your pets! Give your vet a call to schedule an appointment to get your pet chipped or have your pet’s chip checked. Chipped pets should have their chips checked once a year to make sure they are still functional and easily found. Anyone who has ever lost a pet will tell you what a terrible thing it is to go through, being microchipped