Ever dreamt of turning your beloved pet into a star? If your furry companion possesses that extra something special, they might just be destined for the limelight! Here at Pets on Q, the leading animal talent agency, we’re dedicated to assisting you and your pet in achieving stardom. Here’s how you can get started, and we’ll also shed light on our different approval levels for pet influencers, content creators, and animal actors.


1. Discover Their Unique Qualities

Each pet has its own distinct charm. Does your dog have a captivating personality? Is your cat a bundle of playfulness and humor? The first step is to pinpoint what sets your pet apart. It could be their appearance, behavior, or simply how they bring joy to your life.


2. Master Some Tricks

Before they take the stage, your pet should be well-versed in basic commands. Teaching them to listen and behave is crucial. Showbiz may require them to follow cues and interact with other animals and people, so proper training is invaluable. Most animal actors are advanced in training both on and off leash, at a distance and around various distractions.


3. Foster a Sociable Nature

Showbiz often means encountering new environments, people, and animals. Familiarizing your pet with these elements helps them feel at ease. Confidence is key for acting, and pets accustomed to new experiences tend to excel in the world of showbiz.


4. Seek Professional Guidance

At Pets on Q, we’re industry experts when it comes to transforming pets into stars. We collaborate with premier agents and wranglers in the field, boasting a wealth of experience and valuable connections. Our foremost concern is the well-being and happiness of pets. We’re revolutionizing showbiz practices to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for pets and their owners.


5. Prioritize Safety

Your pet’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Not all animals are cut out for showbiz, and that’s perfectly fine. We carefully evaluate each pet’s temperament and comfort level to ensure they have a positive experience. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all pets. That is why productions trust us and our evaluation levels.


6. Showbiz for Every Pet

At Pets on Q, we believe that every pet has a captivating story to tell. We’re committed to providing pet owners like you with valuable information and support. We’re democratizing showbiz, making it accessible to pets of all sizes and backgrounds.


Our Approval Levels

In the enchanting world of animal actors, their level of talent and training often determines their suitability for different roles.


Our Approval Levels provide a valuable guide for casting directors and producers. First, there’s the “Temperament approved” category, indicating animals with friendly and cooperative natures. Moving up the ladder, we have “Animal Actor,” for those with foundational training and experience. “Advanced Animal Actor” signifies animals that have honed their skills to take on more complex roles, and at the pinnacle, we have “Elite Animal Actor,” who are capable of executing extraordinary feats on screen or stage.


These tiers help ensure that animal actors are matched with roles that align with their capabilities, contributing to the magic of storytelling while respecting their welfare.


Ready to take the leap into stardom? If you believe your pet has what it takes to shine in showbiz, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re interested in venturing into animal acting, you can join our community, Pet Stars Academy, for additional information and courses. If your pet is already a star and certified, you can sign them up today on our platform or The Animal List.


Let’s embark on a thrilling journey filled with fun, adventure, and unforgettable moments, because every pet deserves their moment in the spotlight.

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