It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween or daydreaming about Thanksgiving coming up, the holidays are coming up quickly. We compiled

Triple Amputee Veteran & Gold Medal adaptive surfer helps surf dog Ricochet catch final waves as she hangs up her surfboard due to liver cancer & declining health. These waves were the

If you’re a fan of Prey, then you know that the film is full of twists and turns, and it’s not just the humans who are keeping you on your toes.

Pets on Q started as a management company, but now we have shifted gears. We are no longer focusing on exclusive management which means we can work with even more influencers

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What does it mean to License your content? As you’ve been growing your account into a viral powerhouse, you’ve probably received offers at various points from people requesting to use your

From dogs and cats to lizards and guinea pigs, animal influencers represent an emerging area of huge growth for social media users. The pet influencer industry has become a bounty of

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Happy Holidays, everyone! Wherever you are, and however you celebrate, we hope that this season is wonderful for you all! We have had an unprecedented year here at Pets on Q,

Here’s How to Choose and Accurately Price an Influencer If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us. Influencer marketing – specifically pet influencer marketing – is making