27 Content Ideas For A Pet Influencer

As a pet influencer, creating engaging and varied content is key to growing your audience and keeping them interested. Here are some content ideas that you can consider:

  1. Product reviews

    Share your thoughts and experiences with different pet-related products such as toys, treats, and accessories. Be honest and provide valuable insights that your followers can use to make informed purchasing decisions.

  2. Tutorials and how-tos

    Share your knowledge and expertise by creating tutorials or how-to guides related to pet care and training. This could include training tips, grooming techniques, or nutrition advice.

  3. Behind-the-scenes

    Give your followers a glimpse into your pet’s daily routine or a behind-the-scenes look at your life as a pet influencer. Share candid moments, fun outtakes, and other content that shows off your pets’ personalities.

  4. Pet-friendly travel

    If you love to travel with your pets, share your experiences and recommendations for pet-friendly destinations, accommodations, and activities.

  5. Q&A sessions

    Host Q&A sessions where you answer your followers’ questions about pet care, training, and your life as a pet influencer.

  6. Challenges and contests

    Engage with your followers by hosting challenges or contests related to pet care or pet-related activities. This could include photo contests, trivia quizzes, or training challenges.

  7. Sponsored posts

    Work with brands to create sponsored posts that align with your brand and offer value to your followers. Be selective and only work with brands and products that you genuinely believe in and that are a good fit for your audience.

  8. Pet adoption and rescue

    Use your platform to promote pet adoption and rescue organizations, and share stories of pets who have been rescued or adopted. Consider volunteering at a local shelter and sharing your experience with your followers.

  9. Seasonal content

    Create content related to different holidays and seasons. For example, you could share Halloween costume ideas for pets, or post photos of your pets playing in the snow during winter.

  10. Pet fashion

    Share your favorite pet fashion trends and styles, and showcase your pets wearing different outfits and accessories.

  11. Pet events and meetups

    Attend pet-related events and meetups and share your experience with your followers. This could include dog shows, adoption events, or meetups for specific breeds.

  12. Giveaways

    Host giveaways to engage with your followers and offer them a chance to win prizes. You could partner with brands or create your own giveaway with products you love.

  13. Training tips and tricks

    Share your expertise on training pets and offer tips and tricks for pet owners. Consider creating step-by-step tutorials and training plans.

  14. Funny and relatable content

    Share funny and relatable moments related to pet ownership. This could include your pets’ mischievous behavior, or the challenges of traveling with pets.

    Content created by FatFatPankoCat which says "Why do we have hands?" and then "There are many reasons:" then says "Pat" and shows a hand patting Panko the cat. After that, it says "hold", which shows Panko being held. Then, it says "cherish", and shows Panko in the middle of a hand-heart. Finally, it says "forfeit all mortal possessions to" and shows a hand holding money to Panko.

  15. Health and wellness

    Share your knowledge and tips on pet health and wellness, including exercise routines, diet plans, and supplements. Consider partnering with veterinarians or pet nutritionists to provide expert insights.

  16. Pet-friendly home and decor

    Share your tips and tricks for creating a pet-friendly home and decorating with pets in mind. You could showcase different pet beds, crates, and furniture, and offer advice on how to protect your home from pet damage.

  17. Personal stories and anecdotes

    Share personal stories and anecdotes related to your pets and your life as a pet influencer. This could include heartwarming stories of adoption or rescue, or funny moments you’ve shared with your pets.

  18. Collaborations with other pet influencers

    Collaborate with other pet influencers to create joint content or cross-promote each other’s channels. This could include guest posts, videos, or photo shoots.

  19. Charity and social causes

    Use your platform to promote social causes and charities related to pets and animals. You could partner with non-profits or create your own fundraising campaigns.

  20. Pet photography

    Showcase your photography skills by sharing professional-quality photos of your pets. Consider creating themed photo shoots or sharing tips on how to take better pet photos.

  21. Pet-specific travel

    Create content focused on pet-specific travel, such as pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. You could create travel guides and share your personal experiences.

  22. Reviews and product recommendations

    Share your honest opinions and reviews of different pet products, including food, toys, and accessories. Consider partnering with brands for sponsored reviews or affiliate programs.

  23. DIY pet projects

    Share DIY projects for pet owners, including DIY toys, beds, and accessories. You could also share tutorials on how to groom your pets at home or create homemade treats.

  24. Pet stories and facts

    Share interesting and educational stories and facts about different pet breeds, species, and behaviors. You could also create content related to pet history and evolution.

  25. Emotional support and therapy pets

    Share your experiences and insights related to emotional support and therapy pets, including the benefits of pet ownership for mental health and wellbeing.

  26. Book and movie reviews

    Share your reviews and recommendations of books and movies that feature pets and animals. You could also create content related to popular pet-themed TV shows and documentaries.

  27. Humorous content

    Share funny and entertaining content that showcases your pets’ unique personalities and behavior. You could create humorous memes, share blooper reels, or even create comedic skits with your pets.


These are just a few content ideas that you can consider as a pet influencer. Remember to stay true to your brand, be creative, and have fun with your content.

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