10 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Pet Influencer

10 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Pet Influencer: Ensure your campaign’s success!


Did you know that a pet influencer can be used to advertise your brand or product?


Influencers are a great way for brands to reach a huge audience of potential customers, while keeping to a smaller budget than traditional advertising. With pet Influencers, however, you get the best of both worlds! You can reach an even broader, pet-loving audience, while keeping your budget smaller than with traditional advertising.


How can brands be sure they are prepared when they decide to try influencer marketing, and how do they know what steps to take to ensure a successful booking and campaign? Here are the 10 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Pet Influencer, read on to learn more!


  • Clearly define the brand objectives
    What are your goals with this campaign? Is there a coupon code you would like to push out to an audience, or is this to raise brand awareness? Knowing what your objectives are in hiring influencer talent is the first step towards making sure you make the right decision.



  • Decide what kind of pet accounts you want to work with     Pet Influencers can advertise just about anything, pet related or not. Start by asking yourself what kind of animal you want. Is a dog account right for your brand? Or a cat account? Or maybe even a reptile or farm animal? Do you want an outdoorsy, natural feel, or a more commercial vibe? Are costumes a must, or do you want cute and cuddly faces? What kind of audience do you want the influencer to have? There is no shortage of account types out there, so have fun and dream up the perfect kinds of accounts that you want to work with as you begin this process.



  • Provide creative direction within your messaging guidelines
    The more details you can provide, the better! Think about the actual deliverables you want and how you want it to look. Maybe you want an Instagram story, Instagram reel, TikTok video, or the combination of deliverables. Think about key messaging you would like the influencer to get across and any tags or hashtags that you would like included. Doing this will ensure that they stick to your creative direction and lead to a higher conversion rate. The influencer will bring their own creative energy to the campaign, but you must provide the guideline so they can stick within your branding and objectives.



  • Determine your budget
    Influencer marketing on social media is the wave of the future, and while it is typically more reasonably priced than traditional advertising, it is still a multi-billion dollar industry (and no one works for free). If you expect quality content, expect to pay fairly for it, and know what your budget is up front so you can consider accounts that are in your price range.



  • Decide what level of influencer you want to work with
    There are all kinds of influencers with varying follower count and engagement rates from nano on up to mega influencers. Obviously, the more engagement and true following they have, the more money they could potentially cost to work with, so be mindful of your goals when it comes to your budget and just what kind of influencer you want to work with. Some of the information out there is hard to understand, and some is outright incorrect, which leads me to my next point…



  • Decipher real data from fake data
    It’s easier than ever for people to buy their fame on social media and many influencers have fake followers and audiences that are not real or engaged at all. It’s important to review account details to make sure everything makes sense before you start collaborating, but how do you tell if an influencer’s followers are real? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to see an influencer’s real, quality, follower count so you could determine an accurate value? That’s where we come in!



  • Narrow your search criteria and select your favorites       Utilize the Pets on Q Booking Platform to search for the perfect pet influencer! Browse thousands of vetted animal influencers that match your specific search criteria in our platform. We take out the guesswork and show you the real numbers so you can see the overall picture of the influencer’s potential reach. As a brand, you can use our technology to see accurate valuations, demographics and more! We have everything in one place and give you the keys to unlocking the actual information you need to book influencers with confidence!


  • Check each influencer’s past work, brand affiliations and audience data                                                                          Once you have settled on some influencers you are interested in, make sure you are familiar with their page aesthetic and determine if it is a good fit. Do they have a lot of ads and does it feel too commercial? Have they worked with your competitors in the past? Is their photography or videography style a suitable fit?  Depending on your brand or product offering, you may need a specific audience in a specific place. With influencer marketing it is easier than ever to get very specific, and we can help!



  • Place a casting call so that influencers will apply to you
    Have you ever thought of having vetted influencers apply to work with you? Work smarter, not harder and let the interested influencers come to you! When you place an advertisement on our platform it has the potential to be seen by thousands of pet influencers that are ready and available to book campaigns with brands right away! Pets on Q saves you time and money by doing the hard work and getting you recommendations to choose from.



  • Make offers, negotiate rates and book animals the easy way
    We make it simple to start the conversation with influencers you are interested in, whether the influencer applied to your ad and named a price, or you reached out to them directly with an offer. Then, once you have gone through the applications and negotiated rates, you can book the influencer or influencers that align best with your campaign and brand’s individual needs and move on to the next steps quickly and easily!


At Pets on Q, we want to make sure it is quick and easy for brands to book exactly the kind of pet influencer talent they are looking for! Head here to speak with one of our experts.

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